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A Cambridge graduate and former partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers; a Muslim who started life in a poor immigrant family from Pakistan; I have lived in two worlds virtually all my life.

My chosen mission now is advancing the integration of British Muslims into our national society by advising individuals, by involvement with many organisations, and through the media.

Curriculum for Cohesion

Curriculum for Cohesion is developing a method for understanding religion in a multi-faith world, with a focus on Islam, for the use of teachers, lecturers and the judiciary.

I am a patron. It is probably the most important charitable activity of my life.

Top 20 pages

The pages I most recommend listed in alphabetical order.

A brief introduction to Islam for non-Muslims
For many years non-Muslims have asked my wife and me for a simple and short introduction to Islam. Unable to find anything quite suitable, I decided to write it myself.
A personal view of the Middle East conflict
This conflict has endured for over 60 years. It matters because of the status of Jerusalem and because many see the conflict as a religious one. Achieving peace requires difficult concessions from both parties but a two state agreement is the only realistically acceptable solution. It is essential for Israel to avoid policies that would make a two state solution impossible.
Accounting for sukuk under IFRS and AAOIFI accounting standards
My chapter from a new book which uses a hypothetical example to show how the two sets of accounting standards can give very different accounting results for the same transaction.
Blasphemy should never be a crime
Blasphemy features prominently in the news from time to time. Many believe that blasphemy should be a criminal offence everywhere, as it already is in some countries. In the UK the blasphemy law only ever applied to Christianity, and has been abolished. I believe it should remain abolished. In my view Islam does not prescribe any penalty in this world for blasphemy.
How to control your weight
Being overweight has health risks and also makes career success harder. After receiving unwelcome news in my annual medical, over the year to July 2014 I reduced my weight simply by counting calories. It was much easier than I expected.
Islamophobia – a trap for unwary Muslims
Many Muslims use the word "Islamophobia" as if it meant "hatred of Muslims." However it does not; the word Islamophobia has a distinct established meaning. Accordingly, when Muslims complain about Islamophobia when they intend to complain about anti-Muslim hatred, they are making a mistake. Complaining about Islamophobia makes it easy for people who really do hate Muslims to claim the moral high ground of defending freedom of speech. Instead, Muslims need to be focused and complain about what matters, which is anti-Muslim violence and anti-Muslim hatred.
Muslims misguided enough to abandon Islam are free to do so
Apostasy is a controversial subject, and this item generated more comments than any other blog I have written.
My Clare College "Alumnus of the Year" speech
In this 22 minute acceptance speech I explained why I regard my life as so blessed, and why I do what I do in retirement. I also gave the students five pieces of advice, and encouraged them to give to the College.
Playing Russian roulette with my baby's health
Marrying your first cousin increases the risk of your children having a serious genetic disorder. As well as discussing the risks, I link a number of scientific papers, so that readers are not left in any doubt regarding the facts.
Reading the Quran
If you want to understand the Quran and don't speak Arabic, you need a translation, but where do you start?
Reflections on visiting Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem is the most important centre documenting and commemorating the Jews who died during the Holocaust. I visited it at the beginning of 2010, and found it very moving.
Report on the cross-border taxation of Islamic finance in the MENA region
I am the principal author of this report published by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority and the International Tax and Investment Center. It looks at the taxation of four common Islamic finance structures: commodity murabaha, sukuk, salaam and istisna in eight MENA region countries: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and also in the Qatar Financial Centre. The report recommends how these countries should adapt their tax systems to facilitate Islamic finance.
The benefits and costs of joining a political party
Few British citizens are members of a political party. I explain how much influence joining a party gives you, even if you don't have time to get actively involved.
The importance of speaking proper English
You are more likely to succeed in life if your spoken English is outstandingly good. I give some simple advice on how you can improve it.
The Euro – Conception, Complications & Prognosis
An explanation of my view that the euro was created to increase the cross-border integration of european business and an analysis of what has gone wrong and what needs to be done. I forecast that all current members, even Greece, will remain within the eurozone.
The importance of being personally successful
I meet many young people whose main goal is to work for a charity or an NGO. They underestimate how personal success enables you to do more good for others.
The proper boundary of "Political Islam"
Political Islam causes concerns in many countries. When is it legitimate for a politician to be inspired by religion and when is it not?
Think about your CV
Most people see only their own CV. I have seen many, most of them written in ways that would get them rejected by a recruiter. I have illustrated the failings with a real life "before" and "after" example.
Triangulating the Abrahamic faiths
How do you measure the relative closeness of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?
When does anti-Zionism become antisemitism?
When Israel is criticised, its defenders often contend that the critics are motivated by antisemitism. The accusation is made even when the critics are Jews. I encountered the argument that anti-Zionism is always antisemitic for the first time a few years ago. However once you define your terms carefully, the question ceases to be controversial.

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What you do matters

We cannot change others except by persuasion. However, each of us can change ourselves, lead by example and take personal action. That changes the world.

Read "What you can do."

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My logo is the Mandelbrot set.

Newest pages on this site

The latest 20, newest first, are listed below.

Review of "How to write a sentence — and how to read one" by Stanley Fish
Business English normally requires short sentences without any structural complexity. However that is not how one writes literature. This short book is a delight to read and introduces the reader to some wonderful sentences. It will improve everyone's ability to write good English.
The Muslim Council of Britain misunderstood Eric Pickles' letter to mosques
The Department of Communities and Local Government wrote to about 1,100 mosques about the need to combat radicalisation. However the Muslim Council of Britain severely criticised this letter. With a line by line analysis of the MCB's complaints, I explain how I believe the MCB misunderstood the DCLG letter. I also illustrate my own approach when asked to comment on controversial documents.
When justice and reconciliation conflict
Justice and reconciliation are fundamental religious and human values. Sometimes there is no conflict between them but in other situations there can be a fundamental conflict between dispensing justice and achieving reconciliation. Failure to acknowledge this conflict, or attempting to "fudge" it, is a serious mistake. I look at this in the context of Northern Ireland.
Muslims' reactions to the Paris attacks of 7-9 January
Muslims' attitudes to printing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) vary. However most Muslims were horrified by the killings in Paris at Charlie Hebdo. Most Muslims also regarded the killings of Jews at the kosher supermarket as completely wrong. I wrote an article about this published in the Jewish Chronicle.
Review of "I'm NOT a Celebrity - I am a Muslim: One woman's journey to a world of faith" by Sahera Patel
Sahera Patel grew up in Bolton and is now a mother aged 40. This easy to read autobiography provides real insight into growing up as a Muslim girl in Bolton in the 1970's. I enjoyed reading it and wrote the foreword to the book.
Why it is vital to learn history
An individual's memories give him his identity. Similarly a nation is held together by its collective memories of the past. That makes history a vital subject to study at school, and afterwards. If a people forget their history, or never learn it, they stop being one nation and become just a random collection of individuals who happen to live in the same country.
My reactions to the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo
Muslim organisations were right to condemn the attack on Charlie Hebdo's staff. However condemnation by itself is not enough. The policy implications must also be considered. Some contend that the killers could not be real Muslims, while others contend that the killers' religion is irrelevant. I disagree with both contentions.
The European Convention on Human Rights – Should the UK stay or leave?
The UK Government set up a Commission to consider a Bill of Rights. Underlying this is the issue of the UK's continued membership of the European Convention on Human Rights. After reading the report and considering the arguments for withdrawal, I conclude that the UK should remain a party to the ECHR.
Review of "How to talk about immigration" by Sunder Katwala, Steve Ballinger and Matthew Rhodes
Immigration is a key issue for most British voters, and much of the debate around it is highly polarised. This book is from British Future which is a think tank that believes in building a modern British identity and promoting integration. It is based upon detailed polling and focus group discussion and I regard it as a valuable contribution to the immigration debate.
How do British Muslims see the UK Government?
The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill 2014-2015 is written in neutral language. However its main concern is clearly the risk of terrorism being committed by British Muslims. Some Muslims consider that the Government has an anti-Muslim agenda. I disagree completely and see the Government as behaving in a religiously neutral manner.
Review of "Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain" by Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin
UKIP is the most significant new political party since the rise of the Labour Party. UKIP supporters are often believed to be entirely disaffected Tories. The book details the history of UKIP, and looks at who supports it. It concludes that UKIP supporters are very different from the supporters of the other three main parties.
Review of "Why should anyone be led by you? – What it takes to be an authentic leader" by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones
Leadership is vital to the success of organisations. Accordingly the authors, who are both business school academics, have spent much time researching successful and unsuccessful leaders. From this they have identified some key characteristics and behaviours of successful leaders and explain these in a very readable manner. The book should encourage reflection in every leader and potential leader who reads it.
Review of "Palestinian Walks: Notes on a Vanishing Landscape" by Raja Shehadeh
The author is a Palestinian Christian lawyer who for decades has fought legal cases against Israeli land expropriations in the West Bank. He writes about seven walks in the West Bank, sharing his love of the countryside and his sense of loss as it is stolen.
Review of "Chance Witness: An Outsider’s Life in Politics" by Matthew Parris
Matthew Parris is a well-known journalist and was a Conservative MP for 7 years after 1979. This is his autobiography up to the year 2000. It is extremely readable and fascinating and gives an excellent insight into the Conservative Party.
Compendium of Muslim condemnations of terrorism
Like many other Muslims, I am fed up with hearing the refrain "Why do Muslims not speak up and condemn the terrible things that are done in the name of Islam?" The reality is that Muslims have condemned terrorism time and again. However quite often the media gives very little coverage to the condemnations. They may get a slight mention, and then they are forgotten. Accordingly I have created this page and will add to it from time to time condemnations that I regard as particularly significant.
Review of "Authentication of Hadith – Redefining the Criteria" by Israr Ahmad Khan
Hadith are oral accounts of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Their authentication has traditionally relied almost entirely upon assessing the chain of narrators. However the author considers more emphasis needs to be given to assessing the text of the Hadith. The book is very clearly written, short, and easy to read and I recommend it highly.
How to downsize the House of Lords
The House of Lords is a peculiarly British institution. While it works relatively well, most people consider there are too many members. I outline a radical plan for reducing its size by removing those members their fellow peers consider to be the least effective. My plan also lays out a clear policy for the party political balance in the House of Lords
TV discussion: is the UK pursuing an anti-EU agenda?
I took part in a 16 minute discussion of the UK Government's concerns about EU migration and what it is seeking to achieve. In my view opinions around this issue are excessively polarised, and there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate.
TV discussion: looking forward to the Scottish independence referendum
This 12 minute discussion took place two days before the Scottish independence on 18 September 2014. Accordingly it is now only of archival interest.
TV discussion: the struggle against so-called Islamic State
This nine minute discussion shows how differently the presenter, the other panellist and I saw the decision of the US, UK and other allies to bomb ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


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